Are these 1970s Star Wars figures worth anything?
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How much are these original Star Wars figures worth?

I am at my childhood home for the holidays and have found a box of about 50 original Star Wars, Empire, and Jedi action figures.

All are out of their packaging -- they were my toys, after all -- but are in good condition. Their guns and accessories are with them.

My question is, are these figures worth anything to a collector or a store (or a Mefite?). I'd gladly sell all but a few favorites -- Vader and Boba Fett among them. But genuine 1978 R2D2, C-3PO, me the money. Likewise, the Empire figures are from 1980 and the Jedi ones from 1983, though I realize I have no documents to back this up.

So -- do I have a box full of memories or money?
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IANASWCE (I am not a Star Wars collectibles expert) but I KNOW for a fact that if they're not in mint condition in the original packaging, then they're probably not worth that much.

You're best bet would be to check out a Star Wars collectibles site or eBay to see what similar items are going for...
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Doh! That should read "Your best bet..."
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Not particularly, I would say. Looks like a full lot might go for $125.
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I bought some like that on eBay (Yoda, Vader, a stormtrooper) about a year ago and then again a couple months ago- I paid a few dollars each (plus shipping, obvs).
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The price of stuff like that multiplies tenfold in the run-up to a big new movie when franchise marketing is in full swing, everyone is thinking about it, anticipating it, awash in nostalgia, remembering their youth, and thinking hey, I should reacquire my favourite toys and this time get the ones I really wanted but Santa never gave me! Then the market crashes back to normal when the movie is released, everyone sees it, and life goes back to the way it was.

Unfortunately, who knows if or when there are going to be any major starwars movie events in the future.
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Agree with Hanuman 1960 - original packaging is almost more important than the toys themselves.
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Value could be a few dollars each.
As has been stated previously, having them in original packaging would significantly increase their value due to the rarity of original packaging.
And, when it comes to many collectibles, current popularity plays a major role. If there were new movies coming to the theatre soon, no doubt the toys would be worth a bit more.
Also, finding the right marketplace for them can make a difference.

Personally, I'd keep them as memories of your childhood.
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I'd keep them for your kids, if you think you'll have any.
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