Backcountry ski rentals in Portland, ME?
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Where in Portland Maine can I rent backcountry skis (with metal edges) and snowshoes?
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What type of BC skis? Cross coutry, AT, or telemark skis? Most skis made in the last 10 years have metal edges so that shouldn't be an issue.
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Well, i guess i'd start here. Calling these folks will prolly get you there.

All Speed 207-878-8741 (i believe this is the best bet for BC)
Peak Performance 207-780-8200
Gorham Bike & Ski 207-773-1700
Play It Again Sports (to buy inexpensively) 207-773-6063

That's just Portland, i'm sure there are more options in a larger radius.
Hope that helps.
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It looks like EMS in Portland does rentals of tele skis and snowshoes/ poles- call before you go to check availability at
(207) 541-1919.
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In addition to the other recommendations, maybe

Joe Jones
Arlberg Ski

And if you're looking to rent something today I would definitely recommend calling first, as many places in Portland are closed due to the storm.
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Rather than renting skis and snowshoes, go for the skis and skins
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EMS absolutely rents..
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