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I need a SEXY laptop. Budget 1000 Euros (but willing to stretch if its worth it) I love chrome, polished metal, glass and the black or white macbooks!

Yes features are important, but ill look at them second ;)

It should also be readily available to buy in Germany or over the internet, no use drooling over prototypes that are out in a year or so!
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If it's sexy you want, then this year's ultimate hottie has to be the MacBook Air.
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oh...I HATE cd drives! i LOVE flat shouldnt be a netbook though!
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haha the macbook air is my plan b, is rather expensive for what it can do, but thanks!
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Your question is going to become which size Macbook Air to get, and whether or not you should get extra RAM.
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Ok, i know how sexy apple products are, so maybe we can focus on windows laptops for now?
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I have no idea what this would cost in germany, but in the US you can get a 13-inch screen Adamo for $900, less than the cost of the smaller 11-inch macbook air.
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You know you can run windows on the macbook air, right?
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You say you want sexy. Thats what the Mac lines give you - thats exactly what they are, and their indented goal. You already say you love them, so why have you discounted them? You can always run Windows on them if thats what you prefer.
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cgg: because to find out about mac products i dont need to ask the hive mind, im looking for other models i may have overlooked :)
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There's an American Mefite that runs a company (Chicago?) that specializes in importing the latest machines from Japan but for the life of me I can't remember what it's called. Anyone?

I have a maxed out 11" Air and it is awesome. If it had a backlit keyboard it would be the perfect computer for a writer. Super fast/light/portable. Since it doesn't have a backlit keyboard I only give it a 9.9 outta 10.
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I have this Sony Vaio laptop and it is SEXY.
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for style points Sony does nice work too. i have a vaio TT series (similar to the current Z series) and its sharp looking, runs well, reliable, great battery life. also check (on for refurb, scratch n dent, and closeouts as you can get a unit with full warranty for pennies on the dollar...
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I have a Sony Vaio Z eries, and other than the lousy Sony customer service, I'm thrilled to tiny bits with it. The video/photo display is superior to everything else I looked at, and as I watch movie and film clips all day long, that mattered to me over everything else. Backlit keyboard, too. And in silver, it's sexy.
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I'm pretty fond of the following Windows-based machines:

Sony Vaio laptops. They come in all sorts of colors and price ranges too.

Alienware MX11. Its not as gaudy as other Alienwares and pretty lightweight. Its very unique looking. Lots of photos here.

Thinkpad X201 Convertable Tablet. Decent digitizer on these too, so you can draw on it, do handwriting recognition, etc.

Dell Adamo. Its the poorman's Air. Under $1000 in this configuration.

Asus UL50 Ultrathin. Cheap too.

Gateway Phenom series. Comes in blue.

ASUS N900SC. Neat black finish, 18" screen.

Toshiba Qosmio series. Weird designs, very unique.

HP Envy 14 Beats Edition.
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