Disneyland CA; better way to book a room?
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I am trying to book a room for myself and my daughter at the Grand Californian at Disneyland Anaheim for 2 nights in January - Disney's own booking site suggests there are no rooms whatsoever available - does anyone know an alternative/better way to book any remaining rooms there?
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Did you call them?
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Try AAA, the Walt Disney Travel Company, and a local travel agent. January (especially after the first week) isn't that busy a time at DLR.

But, also consider one of the other resort hotels. They're not as nice, but they have lots of rooms, and at that time of year the early access to DCA is a tad superfluous.
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Disney (at least WDW, not sure about DL) recently upgraded their reservation system to a new program called LILO, and ALL of the online information has been screwy for the past couple of weeks.

Call them.
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Online travel sites typically have their own "reserved" pool of rooms, which show up as booked on the hotel's own site. I have personally shown up at a hotel, asked for a room, been told "we're booked", and then plunked down in the lobby w/my laptop, made a reservation, and turned around to the desk with a room reserved ten minutes later.

Travelocity.com shows rooms available at the Disney Grand Californian, Anaheim for the random dates I put in (I think like the 17th and 18th -- sorry, I didn't save it.)

So: go to Traveolicty, go to Orbitz, go to whatever and look at what they have to offer.
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I just checked reservation system on the passholder website, and it seems all dates in Jan are available (except New Years weekend). You should just go ahead and call them. You can also send me your dates, if you'd like, and I can plug them in.
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You might try with a Disney focused travel agency like MEI-MouseFan Travel. From what I understand they often know about discount codes and the like.
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