Are my VFFs broken?
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FiveFingerFilter: I have a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. I just got home from the airport to find that one of them was folded in half in my suitcase, the result of a sloppy bag search by the security screeners. Now that shoe seems "floppy" (i.e. less rigid) in the arch compared to the other one. Is it broken?

If it matters, it was folded such that the heel touched the toes, and the fabric upper was on the inside of the fold. Also, they are only lightly worn (some walking, not running) and it's my first pair so I have no idea if they would normally soften up anyway.
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Best answer: I think they are likely fine. I've had my VFF for over a year and they do get a little more floppy, but they still offer the same protection.
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Best answer: Not broken. There's no inner framework in the sole that could break. They should be fine on your feet.
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Best answer: No. Five Fingers provide a rubber bottom, not any appreciable arch support.
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Best answer: Floppiness is the whole point, I thought. Run in them (or whatever you do) and see if you feel a difference.

When I've traveled with mien I rolled them up on purpose. Space saver.
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Best answer: Yup, unless there's a tear in the rubber or a popped seam, they're fine.
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Response by poster: Thanks all!
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