Shoes for a big-footed woman in London
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Where can you get shoes for unfortunately-footed women in London? I'm looking for shoe stores that stock large sizes but also narrow widths. The person in question has a 11.5 or 12 US/CAN shoe size, which is about a 10 or 10.5 UK size, with an AA width, which often complicates matters. Bonus points if the store sells styles that actually look good.
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My ex-wife is 6'4" and wears a 13AA in women's shoes. My Aunt (who is 6'2" and wears a 13W) has a different perdicament.

Before I give you any advice, let me preface this with the fact I'm located in the US.

There are no local places by us that stock large sizes. She does all of her shoe shopping on the Internet, or at a chain of stores here in the US called the Tall Girl shop. There's one by us in Chcicago, but it's a five hour drive.

If you're interested, I will ask her for her internet sources.

I know from both of them that narrow shoes are much harder to find than wide shoes. In fact, one on my Aunt's secrets is that she occasionally shops at drag queen stores (she's in Houston, Texas).

Seriously, I feel for your pal (I'm also 6'4" with a 14W men's shoe). Seems like shoes are all size 10 for men or 7 for women.

Hope I helped a little?
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If you are looking for active shoes, check out New Balance UK. Buy online or find stores in the area (they list quite a few). New Balance was the first company I know of to carry the majority of their styles in everything from 4A (narrow) to 4E (wide).
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Best answer: I'm not sure if they do both mens and womens shoes, or possibly just womens shoes, but there are two shoe shops on Chiltern St (parallel to Baker St and Marylebone High St) that specialise in large and small sizes and wide and narrow fittings - Magnus, and the appropriately named Elephant Feet.
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Response by poster: kungfujoe: It would be great if you could find out her internet sources - anything would help!
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Try -- you can search by size and width, and I believe they've even got a section devoted to narrow shoes.
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I am a guy who is 6'6, and wear a men's 16AAA, so I can relate.

In the US, Kenneth Cole has a toll free number you can call, and makes large sizes. You tell them what you want, and they'll tell you where they have stock. You can then call the store and have the shoes shipped to you, or to a local store. Perhaps they have something similar in Europe.
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Best answer: Nine to Elleven (sic) has the sizes, but only sells C width (I phoned to confirm)

Big Feet Directory looks very promising, and Croydon is within the M25 so technically within Greater London (whatever aesthetic reasons you may have for considering it otherwise.) They have a monthly shoe event that has all their stock, but they do allow you to visit their warehouse.
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