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I'm a visitor in San Francisco and need a haircut! Is there a secret place in Chinatown (or elsewhere) where a man can get a stylish textured cut on a budget?

Chinatown is my first instinct regarding places to look, but other neighborhoods are fine.

I'm Caucasian, but I love Asian hairstyles.

Scissors/Razors > Clippers

I'd go downtown or Japantown, but I'm working with a student budget and prefer awesome hole-in-the-wall places over spas and fancy studios.

Bonus points for:
Expertise with razor cuts.

The ideal cut would be under $20, but up to $30 is permissible if the place is worth it.

Thanks in advance!
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I love Nice Cuts in the Castro (Noe and Market). I don't think it's more than $16 for a cut. I had been going there for several years until I moved from SF to LA. You can't beat the location or the price. Stop by Hot Cookie and Cliff's Variety on your way out.

Super nice staff, bright and friendly and I always got a great men's cut.

Nice Cuts on Yelp
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Best answer: Caveat: I'm a girl and don't have complicated hair demands.

And yet, I always, ALWAYS go to La Vii. For less than $20, you get a spiffy haircut and an amazing (as in: The Best Ever) head massage. I've never had to make an appointment and I've never had a bad cut-- I just walk in. Atmosphere is modern and everything is clean. Plus, it's in chinatown, which is apparently your target zone.

La Vii on Yelp
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Best answer: I'm amending my suggestion. My old stylist from Nice Cuts was named Bao and it looks like he has opened his own shop in the Castro. Bao's amazing, but I'm guessing you might end up paying more than $16 now that he has realized how much he can charge for his talents. It might be worth calling him to see how much a razor cut will cost.

Good luck!

Salon Baobao on Yelp
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Response by poster: Went to La Vii and it was exactly what I was looking for! I got a great cut. Thank You so much!

(Baobao was $35. La Vii was $17.)
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