Flexible check in times for hotels at Bangkok Airport?
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Specific travel filter: Anyone know any hotels, hostels, guesthouses, B&Bs etc at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport that a) can pick up and return my hapless self to the airport (the next day) and b) offer 24 hour check in and out?

I get into Bangkok around 7pm, and will probably be at my hotel by 8 or 9pm. Checkout in most of them is around 12 noon, but I'd like to chill for a bit after that and check out around 4pm or so. It's my first ever 'have a bit of cash beyond taking journeys 12 hours apart for the lowest fares', so I'd just like a change from jetlaggedly stuffing all my stuff into my bag at 1159am as per usual. Thoughts and suggestions appreciated, thank you.
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Best answer: I don't have a specific answer, but since nobody else is giving you anything, I'll give some general suggestions.

First, with the time you have, I would consider hotels in the city - not just near the airport. While there are hotels near the airport, your selection would be smaller and it is not really a long journey into town. Most hotels can arrange an airport transfer and this is less than hour each way. I would do this if you feel like seeing a bit of Bangkok, since you will have time, but I know sometimes all one needs is a good place to sleep!

Any large hotel will let you check-in at any time, but you should give your arrival details so they know to hold the room - of course, if they are picking you up, that will be obvious!

If you pick a cheap hotel, you could just book for two nights, and that way, there is no problem about checking out late. Alternatively, many hotels will let you do a half day and pay for late check-out - I would contact the hotel you are interested in. Search for 'bangkok hotel late checkout'. Amari Watergate has free late check out (with extra cost only after 6pm according to their FAQ).

A number of people in travel forums say that the Landmark Hotel does 24 hour room rates and I am sure they would make arrangements for airport transfers (generally less than an hour each way).
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Response by poster: Thanks loads, AnnaRat. It was a bit of a dumb question I know, but after several hours' googling and getting nothing I was getting desperate!

I ended up booking for two nights in a cheap hotel at the airport. I think I'm just so used to travelling/having to travel on a tight budget I kind of forgot that two nights in a hotel somewhere like Thailand doesn't have to equal two weeks' worth of money for a hostel :)

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Response by poster: Also, good suggestion re hotels in Bangkok, and I'm normally make the effort, but I've already spent some time there and just want to chill before getting to the beach on Samui. Hopefully will be working in BK after a few months on the island, so plenty of time to see it then :)
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