Speech Therapy enthousiasts, Help !
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I am looking for movie / book ressources that broach topics related to Speech therapy as well as speech /writing difficulties, that would be available to anyone (i.e not necessarily professional ressources, though they could be useful). Thanks so much

It could be documentaries, novels, and deal with a variety of topics related to it : therapy, life consequences, school environment, social relationships, patient/therapist relationship, etc....
I have learned a little about "technical" aspects of it, and am more keen on finding stories / fictions.

So far I have found the following movies : Diving Bell and the Butterfly, and The King's Speech.

Could you help me think of others ? Thank you so much in advance !

PS : I wasn't sure which category to pick.. sorry if it is the wrong one.
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One of the Incarnations in Piers Anthony's "Incarnations of Immortality" speaks with a stutter. I forget which incarnation (War maybe?). Like all of Anthony's series they start out above average and end somewhere below that. They are also more for your 11-16 year old set, than most adults, but I'm not above reading one on occasion.
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The King's Speech is about King George VI and his speech therapist. I have not seen it, but it is popping up on a lot of Best of 2010 lists.
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Okay, sorry I didn't read closely enough.
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Children of a Lesser God.
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Black Swan Green is a British novel about a junior high boy who stutters. It's really good!
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Lies of the Heart is a novel about a speech therapist being murdered by a client.

Dead Languages is reviewed on the Canadian Stuttering Association's website.

I am a speech pathologist and find your question to be quite broad. Can you give me an idea of what your goal is? I will check back and post anything else I think of.
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Aphasia, my World Alone by Helen Harlan Wulf
My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor

both written by stroke survivors about their experiences with aphasia
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How about books and movies about feral children (eg, kids reportedly raised by wolves) and their re-adjustment back into society when they're found?

There's Truffaut's L'Enfant Sauvage (The Wild Child) which is based on the true story of the Wild Boy of Aveyron. Dr. Itard, the physician and speech therapist in charge of treating the boy wrote up his own account in
An historical account of the discovery and education of a savage man. And there's this 1979 Harvard U Press book.

As for others, The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog might be relevant (the title certainly sounds so). And though she was no savage, there's always the depictions of how Helen Keller learned to "speak": The Miracle Worker.
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Also, movies/books about illiteracy. The Reader immediately jumps to mind, but there are others.
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And finally, Paulie is apparently a kid's movie about a parrot teaching a young girl how not to stutter.
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How about Nell or My fair lady?
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In Stephen King's IT, one of the main characters (Bill Denbrough) has a stutter which figures fairly prominently into the plot.
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Also, David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day has a very funny essay/short story about his childhood speech therapy to overcome a lisp.
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Response by poster: Hello everyone ! Thank you so much for all your ideas. There are many good ones. My Fair Lady indeed seems like an interesting way to look at it, and there were many books / series I hadn't heard of. I'll have a lot of books to look into for this holiday season.

... and sure hope to go watch The King's Speech as soon as it comes out in theraters in my country.. (I heard it's really good ? :)).

Thank you again, really :) !
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Response by poster: PS : a friend just told me about Singing in the Rain.. ^^
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"Stuttering: A Life Bound Up In Words" by Marty Jeezer is a good read.

The book "Red Dragon" involved a blind speech therapist - I don't know if the movie did, though.

If you go on Judy Kuster's Stuttering Homepage site you'll find a lot of people who write about their own experiences with stuttering.
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