Wedding shoe shopping venues in Seattle?
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Where should my bridesmaids and I go for dressy shoe shopping in Seattle, besides Nordstrom? The girls want to find some silver shoes, pumps or peeptoes, heels not super high, and under $200. Local/indie/boutique stores are especially good.
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I've only been to Seattle once but when I mentioned shoes a random stranger passing by said to go to Fleuvog. I never did so don't have first person knowledge.

As a former poor bridesmaid who was trying to hide exactly how poor I was, I'd suggest going to multiple places at various price points in case there is someone in the bridal party who who is embarrassed about mentioning how all the wedding costs are stretching their budget to the limits. It's easier to do that if you don't expect the girls to be matchy-matchy.
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At the malls is So Cal, there are gazillions of stores that sell inexpensive glittery shoes. I suspect that Seattle malls are similar. Go prom shoe shopping instead of bridesaid shoe shopping. Adjusting the mindset will save $$$. Keeping the heel low should be the3 biggest problem, but I'm sure it can be done.
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As a certified Fluevog ho (Hey, they have comfy shoes in size 11!), I am 99% sure their current collection has no silver shoes.
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Do they really want to pay up to $200 for shoes for your wedding?

I bought my silver bridesmaid shoes at Target, and they are awesome.
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I'm going to suggest forgoing the indie/local/boutique idea and going to a larger store, like DSW, where there will be more options, sizes, and price points. If you have trouble finding specific sizes or colors there, I'd turn to Zappos, which is a well-liked online shoe retailer with an easy return policy. The links I've put above are to DSW locations and to silver women's heels at Zappos.

I know you asked for something a bit different, but you can still go shoe shopping with the girls, just not in as lux/local a way. Being a bridesmaid (or a bride for that matter) is an expensive proposition, especially if you're buying items you'll only wear once. By having a larger selection, and using stores that are available to people in multiple cities, you'll make everyone's life a bit easier, including yours.

Good luck with the wedding planning and congratulations!
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Response by poster: Thanks, but stick to the question. I have already discussed the price range with both girls and that is what they came up with.
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The former Bon Marche, now Macy's, on 3rd Ave and Pike has a huge shoe dept. on the first floor with shoes of every description and price point.
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Does Seattle have DSW Shoe Warehouse? Great selection of shoes, esp. dressy-type bridesmaid shoes. I bought a pair of silver BM shoes there in September.
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Nordstrom Rack on 2nd and Pine.

Lots of really cute shoes there, and much cheaper than the regular Nordstrom's. Shoes there will definitely be in your budget. (However, if it's an ideological objection rather than price, they're connected to Nordstrom's.)

There's also Ross - Dress for less on 3rd and Pike, but I don't know what their shoes are like.
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Best answer: Try Diva Dolls. They have a variety of shoes from lines like Irregular Choice & always have snazzy, interesting things. I bought my wedding shoes there, and I loved how much they helped me find the right shoe & fit.
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Seconding Ross Dress for Less. I've only been to Seattle once, for my sister's wedding, and I bought the shoes I wore for her wedding there (on the day of the wedding, no less!) I wish that store would open out here!
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