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What would be a great silver anniversary gift?

Couple's 25th anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if you have any ideas for a gift. They are very down-to-earth, practical people. Things like vacation/cruise are out of question (they just got back from one and leaving for another in a few months). They are homeowners, but I am not sure what kind of "home-owning" presents can one get for an anniversary. It has to be meaningful and memorable.

My initial ideas were:
1. Get something inscribed on something silver - does anyone know of a good place to do that?
2. Take them out to dinner (they are in New York)
3. AND/OR something special that people of mefi suggest :)

Thank you and I look forward to your comments!
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A nice hamper of fine foods/treats/beverages that they would not normally get for themselves.
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Do you have (or have access to) a nice photo of the couple? Perhaps one of their wedding portraits? You can have it turned into an oil painting and present it them in an engraved silver frame.
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Get something inscribed on something silver - does anyone know of a good place to do that?

Most jewelry stores do custom engraving, even if it's not something you've bought from them.
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Engraved goblets. If they don't already have some, these make great gifts. Also they can be displayed in china cabinets if the couple have one. We make a point of using ours every anniversary. Trophy places also engrave things. We used one just recently to engrave two goblets not purchased from them. You can choose from a variety of fonts and sizes. If you don't know of any place close to you, ask at a jewellery store, they might be able to steer you in the right direction if they themselves don't do it.
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My mother-in-law recently bought a friend of hers a present for her golden wedding anniversary.

We went to a nursery, bought a gorgeous orchid, and a random pot. I spray painted the pot gold, and we repotted the orchid into it. Her friends, who are down to earth and want for nothing consumerish in their life, LOVED it.

Orchids are incredibly beautiful and also very easy to care for, and thrive on neglect, so they're a good choice. Making the pot silver would look stunning.
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