Movie that involves Nazis and an owl-man?
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NameThatRecentObscureMovie: At some point in the film, a young girl (the protagonist) dressed in a nightgown has a nightmare where Nazi bears chase her through snowy woods. A Nutcracker toy alerts her family that she needs help. She defeats the bears by throwing a glass angel figurine at the leader, which stabs him. Then, an owl-man appears and takes her to a magical ballroom where couples are dressed as birds dancing ballet-ish-ly. I think it's set during WWII, her father is serving in the war and comes home at the end of the movie. Saw a snippet on TV in a restaurant, did I dream this?
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Nutcracker 3D? A Google search for "Nutcracker Nazi bears" turns up this:
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Picture of the Nazi animals in question (rats, not bears) can be found here.
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sounds like the recent NUTCRACKER movie. Didn't get very well reviewed.
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Best answer: this sounds a bit like a TV movie my boyfriend worked on a few years back The Secret of the Nutcracker. I haven't seen it myself, but the elements sound familiar.
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Response by poster: correct!!!
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