nokia 6620 handsfree with volume control?
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Even at maximum phone volume, the output from the handsfree set that Nokia sells with the 6620 cellphone is too quiet for me. There's no volume control on the handsfree set. Does anybody make one that will let me turn up the volume?

I don't want to use a bluetooth headset because bluetooth doesn't get along with my WiFi network. Also, please note that the 6620 has some funky two-prong connector for the headset, not the typical audio jack, so most handsfree sets won't work with this phone.
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Maybe a FM Radio headset would work for you. It seems to have volume control.
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All an inline volume control would do is turn the volume down, since it probably doesn't contain an amplifier (I suppose the FM one might). A headset without a volume control is basically the same as one with the volume turned all the way up - all the phone's power is going straight to the earpiece.

Have you actually tried Bluetooth, or are you just assuming it will cause problems with wi-fi? Unless you have poorly-designed equipment, it should be fine.
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Right. You need an amplifier. I've used this Plantronics model, with mixed success. It did indeed make the handsfree louder, but it seemed quite prone to noise. I believe I bought it at Office Depot, for around $35. You can also get an adaptor to plug it or any other standard handsfree device into your Nokia phone.

If you want to try the Bluetooth route, changing the WiFi channel will probably cure any interference problems.
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A post about exactly your issue in boingboing yesterday.
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