Scheduling app for a doctor's website
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Scheduling app or plugin for a doctor's website

I am starting work on a doctor's website. We'd like to include the ability for patients to schedule appointments online. I could program this myself, but would rather use something already tested and debugged.
I'd be comfortable with a Wordpress Plugin, a Django App or an independent PHP or Python (or whatever) application that we could just link to. We'll be installing this in a LAMP environment.
Free is nice, but we'd be willing to pay for something good, stable and easy to use and customize.
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Well, this is less homegrown than what it sounds like you're after, but at least one of my doctors uses Bookfresh for scheduling. Seems to work well.
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These are the four I have bookmarked, never used any of them though:

WordPress Appointment Scheduler - Appointy Plugin
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My doctor's office (as part of a huge hospital) does this. You may want to contact them and ask how they do it without breaking HIPAA.
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Response by poster: We're not in the US.
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Pittsburgh's De Novo Chiropractic has a pretty good online scheduling-and-payment system; you might contact him and see where he got it...
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