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Is there a barbershop (or other shop) in Boston or Cambridge, MA where I can buy 'real' shaving stuff--e.g., Trumper's shaving cream or shaving soap?

I've been to Leavitt and Pierce in Harvard Square, and I know Crabtree and Evelyn and The Body Shop have house brands--but is there anywhere I can pick up any of the awesome shaving soap / shaving cream / aftershave stuff that is of Trumper quality? I'm doing the whole shaving brush / safety razor thing and it's awesome, but I need a shaving supply refill and would prefer not to go through the mail.
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Maybe Gregory's Barbershop?
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I can't help you with Boston, but I would recommend The Art of Shaving, if you're ever down in NYC.
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Leavitt and Pierce is a cool funky store, but I'm a real fan of Taylor of Old Bond Street in London, particularly their shaving cream that comes in little tubs and is used with a brush. Very good on the skin. They have a web site.
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Colonial Drug in Harvard Square (49 Brattle Street) carries hard-to-find, European perfumes, colognes, shaving products, etc.

Also, check out Fresh, 121 Newbury Street and L'Occitane, 179 Newbury Street or in The Prudential Center on Boylston Street.
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You might check out Blade Barber Shop. It's in the 500's of Tremont in the South End. Have a gay old time.
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Also on Newbury, Kiehl's.
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