Windows live onecare - restoring backup trouble. Help me hive mind.
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Windows Live OneCare Help! - I have a windows onecare back up on an external hard drive from 2009, my windows live onecare subscription has expired. I have windows XP service pack 3 running on my laptop. Now, the restore tool won't allow me to open the backup or restore it. Is there any way around this? I really really need to get access to some old photos that are on this back up. I tried google but everything leads me to the backup restore utility. Hope me Please!!
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Best answer: Does the restore tool (I assume you mean the End-of-Life restore tool) give you an error, or just fail silently? If it fails with a subscription error, try uninstalling OneCare. In addition, you could try removing the registry key or using the manual method detailed in this Microsoft forum post.
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Response by poster: Thank u so much!! Happy Holidays!!!
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Response by poster: Just wanted to leave feedback, the manual method in the Microsoft forum post was what worked for me.
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