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Is there any way to enroll someone into the Apple Development Program as a gift?

I'd like to enroll someone into the iOS Developer Program as a Christmas gift. The signup form on that page assumes the individual signing up is the developer - requesting an email, password, secret question/answer pair, etc.
Is there any way of gifting this short of signing up in the giftee's name but with my email/password and then having them login and change all that info? Are there any iOS Developer gift cards out there?
If I do sign up under someone else's name is all the account info editable later?
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Best answer: I don't know the iOS program, but I would assume that you could change the mailto address at a later date. Put in all the relevant info for the giftee and make up a throwaway address in Yahoo or Gmail for the account. Then just give them the password and secret question answer with the gift.
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I'm sure you can change the email address later, but you won't be able to change it to an email address if it's already used for another Apple ID (since you'd effectively be trying to merge the accounts and Apple doesn't have a mechanism for this), so I would only follow the above advice if and only if you knew they did not have another Apple ID that they'd prefer to use already. (Unlikely, since they're probably well into the Apple ecosystem anyhow if they're looking to develop for it.)
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Best answer: Apple allows you to modify your Apple ID down the line and add email addresses and make another address the primary one. Perhaps you could set up a temporary email address as an Apple ID, sign up for Apple Developer Program and gift that email address/password to the giftee. Then they can manage the Apple ID and add their email address to it.
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I assume the person in question already has an Apple ID. He probably has iTunes purchases or various sorts attached to it already, plus warranty and purchase information. Take it from me; more than one Apple ID is a pain.

This is all to say: make a nice "gift certificate" and sign up for the developer account together. He'll put in his info and Apple ID, and you'll put in the billing info. Or write him a check.
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Doesn't the checkout process just go through the regular Apple Store payment system? Can't you just purchase them an Apple gift card and tell them what it's for?
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