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How many pounds fresh spinach do I need to yield 1 pound cooked spinach? I can't believe how difficult this is to find: most of the Google search results are "x lbs spinach = x cups" or "how many ounces of fresh spinach in a pound" (groan). My recipe doesn't care about volume, it cares about weight!
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Probably about 4# (this is a guess, but an educated one). Spinach cooks down a lot. Conversely, you could just buy frozen. Nobody would know.
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Shouldn't it be 1:1? That's just a guess, but I doubt it changes in weight.
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If you lightly sauté the spinach and don't squeeze any water off, a pound of fresh will yield a pound of cooked. It would only change if you steam the water out of it (not likely as the spinach would end up way overcooked) or squeeze the water out.
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Response by poster: @J. Wilson: it would seem like it, but apparently spinach contains so much water that when it cooks off, it changes the weight.

@Gilbert: Uh oh, I bought 4 lbs to yield 2 lbs. Might be going to the store again tomorrow...
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I think the mass ratio would be nearly 1:1. Obviously fresh spinach takes up a lot more volume than cooked spinach, but you're interested in mass.

According to this USDA tool, fresh spinach is 91.40% water by mass. Boiled and drained spinach is 91.21% water. It doesn't look like the spinach is losing much water by being cooked.
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Response by poster: @Zin: I need to squeeze the water out. Phooey, this is complicated.
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Sure it changes in weight, the water in the leaves evaporates as it cooks down. How much, I don't know for sure. I found references that says 1 lb fresh spinach will cook down to 1 cup (~8 oz) cooked spinach, which seems about right. But that depends how watery your cooked spinach will be.
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Best answer: I just realized that I did the math once to figure out how much when the water is squeezed out and I looked up an old recipe to make sure - 1 pound of spinach will give you 7 - 8 ounces (my kitchen scales aren't great). But I think you bought the right amount.
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buckaroo_benzai and zinfandel are correct: if you buy 1 lb of fresh spinach and cook it down, you'll have approximately 8 ounces of cooked spinach. So if you need a pound of cooked, you'll want to buy 2 pounds of fresh.
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Response by poster: Thanks for researching, zinfandel. I've moved past apprehension on to anticipation about my creamed spinach!
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