Alone in Christchurch on Christmas: how to celebrate?
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What should a lone traveler do to celebrate Christmas in a strange city? (in this case, Christchurch, New Zealand?)

I'm passing through Christchurch on my way to do some fieldwork, and it appears I will be arriving there early in the afternoon on Christmas Day. At first I was pleased that my Christmas wasn't going to simply disappear as I crossed the International Date Line, but then I realized that a) most everything will be closed when I get there, and b) I have no idea how best to celebrate Christmas as a lone traveler in a strange city.

Any suggestions? I'm interested in both general ideas for things to do when you're traveling alone on a family-centered holiday, and specific recommendations for Christchurch. (It'd be nice to find a Catholic mass I could attend, but at least in the States most Christmas services seem to be in the morning. I'd settle for any sort of gathering where everybody gets to sing.)
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You don't mention where you're going to be staying, but a good bet would be to get a room at a youth hostel (even if you're not a youth!). You'll meet other people who are in the same situation and want a sense of community. I had a great Christmas and New Years traveling alone in Australia a few years ago.
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Best answer: The very lovely Christchurch Cathedral (Anglican, not Catholic) will be having Evensong at 5:30 pm on Christmas.

For what it's worth, I found people quite friendly when I was in Christchurch on my own several years ago; I wound up having a picnic with someone I struck up a random conversation with in the park, and was invited to join a couple of meals with people when they saw I was solo. So maybe that's just a recommendation to be friendly and see what happens?
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I haven't been there in a while, but I would expect that the Christchurch Cathedral will be having services all through the day. (From memory, the services are probably intended to be non-denominational so that people such as yourself will feel welcome. I think the services there are normally Anglican).

You can find a Catholic mass in the afternoon in a Catholic church or cathedral, and you can find times and places ahead of time here
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Response by poster: I'm staying at a slightly stuffy B&B, but I can definitely track down a youth hostel.

Scody, that Evensong service looks really neat. Do you know if it's participatory singing, or just performance?
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Yes, staying at a hostel is a great way to meet up with others. I spent one wonderful Xmas at a New Zealand hostel having a BBQ with fellow travellers. I'll never forget it!

I really liked Foley Towers Backpackers in Christchurch. It's big but cozy, and there should be something going on for Christmas there. And of course, you should check out Christchurch Cathedral!
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you should savor being on your own this often is this going to happen? and in such a wonderful, cool place!!! one of my MOST FAVORite CHRISTMASes ever was spent on my own in Chamonix in France, omg what a beautiful christmas that was, I did call home and find out how things were going, but i remember the beauty of the town, of the local Mass and having christmas dinner in a hostel with ten strangers. fun. wouldn't trade the experience for a 100 family filled xmases.
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Response by poster: I ended up going to the Festal Evensong service at the Cathedral--lovely.

I never did manage to find other transient types to hang out and be festive with; it turns out that all of the bars in Christchurch are closed on Christmas Day, due to some local ordinance or other, and none of the hostels I wandered past seemed to have gathering spaces that were open to non-residents. I should have stopped and introduced myself to one of the random passers-by who admired my XKCD shirt, but I guess I am still a bit too shy to be good at that sort of thing. Ah well.
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