Sand in Winter?
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Where in Michigan can I buy clean sand this time of year?

Our cat loves nothing better than to roll around in sand. We've read that domestic cats originated in deserts and this seems to touch something very instinctual in him. So we want to fill a tub for him, put a sheet under it, and let him have a blast.
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Any chance you've already tried Meijer's? For some reason I remember seeing sand there.. but that could have been during warmer times in the year.

Sand is also used in construction, and I'm fairly sure you could call Home Depot or Lowes and ask them..

It would be expensive but you can also buy (colorful) sand in craft stores like Michael's.. but I'd really only go that route if the other places I mentioned don't have them.
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Are you sure he won't poop in it? A cat we had as a kid used our sandbox as a litterbox ...
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Home stores such as Loews, Home Depot, etc. sell sand in tubes for adding weight to the back ends of pickup trucks for winter traction.
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Best answer: Any hardware or building supply store should have play sand which is supposedly finer than construction sand.
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Home depot sells 50 lbs bags of sand for mixing concrete and mortar. They were really cheap when I bought them a few years ago.
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Best answer: Play sand will be better for this because it's been washed to remove dust size particles. Concrete sand is purposefully unwashed.
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Play sand is what you want.

But yeah, the cat is eventually going to use it as a litterbox.
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