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You're the best hive for this, so if you're feeling generous with your abundant knowledge...Mind assisting with some French translations of menu items and some clarification on Haitian dishes?

Need the following menu items translated into what would be most appropriate in French (not Creole but thank you for looking out, although if there is some specific French that would be Haitian but not Creole, that could be a different story :):

Snapper in a clear broth
Poached Asparagus
Hollandaise Sauce
Avocado, tomato and onion salad

Royal Paella (guessing just "Paella Royale"?)

Chicken Tenders
Sliders (the little hamburger kind)
Macaroni and Cheese

The Haitian classics: Is Griots more correct or is Grillotes? What on earth are Picklises, in the case that they're not picklese? Djon-djon is the most correct spelling (as opposed to jon-jon)? And is there a common name for the red onion sauce these items will be served with, or just a French translation?

Thank you oh so kindly!
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Pikliz is sort of like Haitain sauerkraut, if you can imagine; it's pickled cabbage with hot peppers and onions and stuff in it. It's really spicy, and a lot of Haitian recipes will just use the "juice" from a jar of pikliz to add spice to sauces.
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Response by poster: cool thanks for that!
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Response by poster: oh also! spiral cut honey-glazed ham? pretty please? :)
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Here are some French translations, but without taking into consideration any creole/Haitian influence:

Poached Asparagus = Aspèrges pochées
Hollandaise Sauce = Sauce hollandaise
Avocado, tomato and onion salad = Salade d’avocats, tomates et oignons
Macaroni and Cheese = Macaroni et fromage
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Oops, asparagus = asperges (not aspèrges)
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Snapper in a clear broth= Vivaneau en court-bouillon (assuming the fish is actually poached in the broth)
Avocado, tomato and onion salad= salade d'avocats, tomates et oignons
Chicken tender= filet de poulet

Paella royale works

Mac and Cheese could also be "Macaroni au fromage"

There is no french word for slider. "Hamburger miniature", maybe?

spiral cut honey-glazed ham= Jambon glacé au miel tranché en spirale (could also skip the "glacé" if you want to make it shorter)
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Quite the eclectic menu, I should add.... ;)
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Response by poster: thank you SO much, truly truly appreciate it!
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