Hungry Caterpillar knitting pattern
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Does anyone know of a pattern for a knit version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar? I'd like to make a mobile for friend's who are having their first baby. Thank you!
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There are a couple of patterns on Ravelry. Here and here, though they aren't exactly mobile-sized. (Pretty sure you need to sign up to view them, but you should totally get an account there if you haven't because Ravelry is the best thing for knitters ever).
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Oh goddamnit, those are crochet. Grr. My blinding dental pain is ruining my reading comprehension today, sorry.
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Holy Cows! This made my day in a big way. My wife bought our nephew the book, because of course it's classic, but this. This. This will make her a hero.
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@makonan, sadly, yes, those are crochet, and I haven't mastered that skill yet. @sanka, I'm with you- working on it!!!
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This one's wonderful. She's been contacted by Eric Carle and was told she can't share the pattern, but she explains a little about how she made the caterpillar.
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Thank you, @iconomy! This is the mobile that inspired the question. How sad the pattern can't be shared.
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Apologies for the self-link, but my girlfriend yesterday finished knitting the complete Very Hungry Caterpillar as a Christmas present for her niece and nephews.

Again, no patterns (since she made most of it up as she went along!) but it might give you some ideas. Many of them were based off existing patterns, with a few tweaks.
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