Turn my wall into a dry-wipe area?
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I'd love to turn a large area (3m by 1m) of my wall into effectively a whiteboard, by covering it in some kind of transparent film. What's the cheapest way of doing this? Essentially, I want something very similar to this but I can't use anything like paint, since I'm in university accommodation

I've sampled a couple of thin, transparent polypropylene sheets from my local art shop and they're exactly the sort of thing i'm looking for, only a little small (I'd like to do the whole thing with one sheet ideally) and a little expensive.

I'd also appreciate advice on how to attach this film to my wall in a non-destructive way that my accommodation will allow.

Cheers, Luke
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There are a ton of peel-and-stick dry-erase options here in the US; maybe your local art shop can source them from more local vendors?
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Sorry, I meant to link you to Optima above, not Wallies. The Optima "Easy" really does remove without tearing wallpaper or paint.
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This is the product with approximately the dimensions you want. Also look into showerboard, which works as a whiteboard, is nicely transportable, and can be gotten cheaply at Home Depot.
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WhiteyBoards are a peal and stick instant white board that you can cut into whatever dimensions you need/want.
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I've built tables topped with showerboard, as foursentences suggests. It's really the best solution as it's cheap and easy to hang.
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There's whiteboard paint--paint the wall and repaint when you move out. Or paint a big old piece of something and hang it.
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I made a how-to about making a DIY whiteboard. A full piece of showerboard [4x8 feet] was only about $40.
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If you're not committed to a film to put on the wall, you could see if your university has surplus sales at which you might be able to pick up a used whiteboard.
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yep, showerboard is the cheapest way.
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Showerboard. I'm in college as well and this is what I used. At Lowes it was called "White Panelboard". Just explain what you're doing, and the people at the hardware store should be able to help.

I got a 4'x8' piece, as Jessamyn mentioned, and they cut it for free into smaller pieces. Now I have a whiteboard desk, with a whiteboard in front of it as well as the largest whiteboard on my door in my hall. :)

For me it was about USD$13.50.

I hung it with strips like these and it worked out very well.

Overall, this method works great!
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