Film recomendations are SERIOUS BUSINESS
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I'd like some good recommendations for films that revolve around something being serious business. The more obscure that something is, and the more the move generates unexpected dramatic interest in it the better.
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The King of Kong?
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Oh, yeah, Word wars.
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This is practically its own subgenre of documentaries by now. For example:

Ready, Set, Bag! (grocery bagging)
Spellbound (spelling bee)
Frankie 13 vs. the World (rock paper scissors; this also got a mockumentary treatment in Roshambo, but after seeing how seriously people take the real thing, the mockumentary kind of lacks punch)
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Monster Camp (for LARPing)
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Well, in The Last Starfighter the local area kids are certainly excited about a guy who's pretty good at a video game, forming a crowd from all over town to come watch him play IIRC. Maybe video games were still relatively new in 1984 such that you'd find it a community event to gather and watch someone play, but it still seemed a little exaggerated. And of course, his skill is what drives the main drama of the thing.
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La guerre des tuques, a.k.a. The Dog Who Stopped the War (La guerre, la guerre, c'pas une raison pour se faire mal): building a snow castle.
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Some others I've seen:
Air Guitar Nation
(which is like Monster Camp)
Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Trying to dredge up the names of others turned up this previous thread you might like.
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(Oops, that's Bigger, Stronger, Faster, not my way.)
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Response by poster: Cheers! I'm just as interested, if not more interested, in the dramas centered on some weird subject, so keep those flowing too.
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Anorak of Fire is about trainspotting and takes it to surreal extremes (I think it was originally a stage play)
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Anvil! The Story of Anvil
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Drop Dead Gorgeous is a black comedy, done in a faux-documentary style, about a local beauty pageant.
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Tampopo (Noodles)
A Taxing Woman (Japanese Taxation)
American Movie (Amateur Horror Films)
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I second "The King of Kong."

Also "Trekkies" was a fun film.
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Chris Guest's oeuvre is all about the serious business. Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration.
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The Promotion is an underrated comedy about two men fighting over a grocery store promotion.

Man Push Cart is about the arduous life of a coffee cart person.
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All of the plotlines in David Byrne's movie True Stories revolve around the Serious Business of a small [fictional] town's Celebration of Specialness.
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Joel and Ethan Coen, "Burn After Reading", "Barton Fink"
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Also "Trekkies" was a fun film.

True, but needs to be followed up with "Trekkies 2."

Along the same lines, "Ringers" and "Darkon." (LotR and LARPing.)

Along the fictional end, there's "Fanboys" (SW) "Free Enterprise" (Trek) and "King of Kong" (video games (They claim its a documentary. That's in dispute.))
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Waiting For frakkin' Guffman
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All sports movies treat sports as serious business, so you could look for dramas or documentaries about weird sports. Like roller derby (Whip It). Or sports with unlikely players, like high school kids (Go Tigers!) or paraplegics (Murderball).

Air Guitar Nation was really great.
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Seconding Spellbound.
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I may be misunderstanding what you're looking for, but would Flash of Genius qualify? It's a movie about the patent war between the inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper and the big auto companies who stole his mechanism.
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Possibly Galaxy Quest?
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The Great New Wonderful features a story line about the serious and highly competitive world of wedding cake designers.
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