How do I make a website for serialized fiction?
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How can I share fiction on a personal website that easily links chapters from multiple serialized pieces to read in proper order, and allows for tagging the contents of the stories? Without having to do everything by hand?

I write naughty stories with kink. People like to read my naughty stories when I post them in public places like bdsmlibrary. I'd like to publish my naughty stories online, in a format that allows for ads on a sidebar (to pay for web hosting). Maybe I'll eventually get enough fans to publish an e-book and flog it for pin money.

For my own website I want a system that streamlines sorting by category with tags (because I cover a range of fetishes, from twee to violent and I want my readers to be able to sort out what they do and don't want) and also helps link chapters together so that reading coherency is possible.

Right now the obvious easy answer is to cram everything into into a wordpress blog template. That makes tagging easy, but the recent-first posting system means I have to do my own HTML to create a table of contents and figure out a way of directing people to a list of links, and update multiple URLs as things move.

Is there an existing template? Is there a good way to do this that won't require me to show my geocities level of web development skill or give some professional web designer a headache?

Some free websites get it right (fiction press) but they don't allow porn and I would kind of like an audience of horny perverts to enjoy my work on my own site, not on someone else's.
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You could do it in Wordpress by posting your chapters as pages rather than posts, which aren't sorted chronologically. Pages can have "parent pages," which allow you to create a hierarchy (stories -> chapters), and this could be displayed in a sidebar widget, a navbar, whatever.

Or you could install a plugin that lets you insert a ToC extracted from your pages or posts into another page or post using shortcodes. Surf on over to Wordpress plugins and do a search on "page shortcode" or "post shortcode" and be dazzled by your options.
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There's at least a couple of WP plugins that allow you to sort your posts however you want, like this one. (Found by searching for post order in the plugins.)
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