Society collapses into chaos: scenes from my Greyhound bus trip
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My brother gave me so many hassles about "are you really going to take Greyhound??" that I'd like to send him joke "pictures from my trip" -- over-the-top movie screenshots about the worst bus trip ever: a post-apocalyptic bus/train station, 1980s punks with mohawks in a futuristic Mad Max gang standing around barrel fires at the edge of town...

I've also been looking for an image of a bus station that looks like the moment in Lean on Me when Morgan Freeman first enters the high school. I've got one on deck from The Road, conveniently filmed in Pennsylvania, where I am. Scenes with marauding barbarians are better than abandoned places, but over-the-top wreckage would be great, too.

Anything actually featuring a bus would be great, but I could also use images that might be taken near a bus station or looking out from a bus as we drive. No zombies in the image, though. It has to have the slightest chance of being real.

I've been really striking out on finding good screenshots thus far, so any ideas would help!
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Rent Clint Eastwood's The Gauntlet and grab screen captures?
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How about the classic overloaded bus shots?

Also some weirdness to be had here (somewhat NSFW due to a topless woman with X's taped over her nipples)
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You need the Internet Movie Car Database! Link is to to a search for buses without any other filters. You can sort by importance so you can find a really bus heavy movies.
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Most of the movie revolves around the subways, but you might be able to find some appropriate pictures from The Warriors. I'm pretty sure there's a scene involving a very large bus (maybe a truck? damn, it's been too long since i've seen this movie).
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I found these on GIS on the term "greyhound bus decapitation."

Bus crash
and others
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Oh crud. Now I see that you wanted stills from movies, and not real life. Sorry! (Warning that the above links may contain images or accounts of horrible gore.)
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Here are some good ones:
Raccoons try to get on bus
Clint Eastwood shot from the Gauntlet
Bus with caution tape
your first glimpse of your new girlfriend
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Probably in poor taste, but there was a terrible incident in 2008 where a man was beheaded and cannibalized on a Greyhound driving through Manitoba. You could include news articles from that time with your package if you don't mind appearing a bit disturbed.
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Adventures in Babysitting has some entertaining bus station scenes.
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I demand that you include a shot from Speed. Any shot from Speed.

I hope you've also been to Buses on Screen.
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Images from Speed. I especially like this one.

Also, the site where that last image is hosted is called "Buses on Screen"!
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Gah. Too slow.
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Response by poster: I knew AskMe would come through! These are great.

Real life is fine, too; I jut imagine movies as the best source of over-the-top images.
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Oh, and protip: include the name of a major metropolitan area when searching for chaos. That is, you don't want to search for "bus station," you want "bus station sarajevo" or "bus station berlin wwii."
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Spock and the punk on the SF Muni bus from Star Trek IV (the quest for whales)
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Not being sarcastic: when you go on your trip, bring a camera.
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Try Dark Roasted Blend and search their archives. I'm sure they'll have something you can use.
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Also ou should convince merited to come to one of your transfer spots and stage an incident. for greater authenticity.
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Err mefites. Autocorrect got me.
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Isn't there a scene in Star Trek IV where Kirk or Spock confronts a Mr. T looking dude with a huge boombox sitting under a "No Loud Music" sign?
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Sort of. More of a Bill-Paxton-in-Terminator-looking dude than Mr. T, though.
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Check out the 70's spoof cult movie, The Big Bus.
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Not being sarcastic: when you go on your trip, bring a camera.

Box has it spot on. Going Greyhound is an experience you are not likely to forget. It's an inexpensive way to travel, but I could write a book about my Greyhound bus experiences traveling from SW GA to WV and back. Just take a camera. You'll be golden.
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At the end of The Road Warrior all the good guys ride away in a bus. A half-dozen people crammed in a bus with a bunch of 55-gallon drums of gasoline.
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