What is the best music podcast that you listen to regularly?
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Any suggestions for great music podcasts? I should clarify that I am looking for actual music, not podcasts where people talk about music. Also, I would like something that is updated on a semi-regular basis, at least weekly. I am open to most any genre, and would love to hear what you consider to be the best music podcast available!
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My favorite is The Signal podcast from CBC radio 2. "Contemporary music in all its forms for the musically curious."
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Try the KEXP Music that Matters podcast. It's weekly with an hour of music. It usually skews indie rock but there is a mix of other genres as well.
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Salty Dog's Blues and Roots Podcast.

(if you can stand the announcer's faux hillbilly accent)
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This lady's blog is my fave MP3 blog ever

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I love the Irish & Celtic Podcast. It's updated not quite weekly, but often enough and is usually an hour+. It also has themed podcasts (ie St. Patrick's Day) plus best ofs. If you're into electronic music, Itunes also has a ton of free ones (Armen Van Buren, Tiesto, etc) that tend to be around 20-30 minutes. I'm partial to Buren's myself and is usually a good mix.
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myboytheriotgirl - college radio podcast from Hamilton, ON - this is my friends' show, and I think they are pretty awesome. It's lots of indie/rock (i.e. Broken Social Scene, New Pornographers, Decemberists, etc.)
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I would highly highly recommend the podcast put together by my good blotted friend Matthew over at song by toad. http://songbytoad.com/category/podcast/ / he is a British blogger in Edinburgh, and his tastes skew towards British Isles indie rock. He updates weekly and has quite a back catalog to work through.
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Gareth emery podcast, above and beyond podcast. Those are electronic though, not sure if that's your thing
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The CBC Radio 3 Podcast, and the R3-30 (a top 30 chart) also from CBC Radio 3. Both fantastic Canadian indie-rock/pop/electronica/hip hop/etc.
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My favorite is Coverville. All covers, all the time.
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All Songs Considered has some talking, but the music is in there too. Sometimes they will have a guest DJ, like Jim Jarmusch.
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Zuim has a podcast Essa é Para Tocar no Rádio - "this one is to play on the radio" - which has plenty Brazilian music. It's in Portuguese, but there's an English summary of each show on the site. (feed)
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If the idea of dance music isn't wholly revolting to you, I'd recommend Resident Advisor pretty strongly. Every week or so they get some very cool new producer or dj to do a mix for them - it's hugely varied stuff, from super minimal or experimental stuff through straight-up bangers.
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CD Baby has several podcasts featuring new music, each featuring a different genre. Theyre available
on iTunes.

Also, radio station WFMU has podcasts, which I believe are also available on iTunes. All kinds of crazy, unusual, rare, funky, old, new, eclectic music there.
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Seconding Coverville. I don't listen to all of the songs on every podcast, but there's always something different to try, and he updates 2-3 times weekly.

I also listen to a lot of song-a-(week)day podcasts from NPR affiliates to sample random new stuff
- Minnesota Public Radio Current Song of the Day
- KCRW Today's Top Tune
- KEXP Song of the Day
- Texas Music Matters

Related, but slightly longer, are KEXP's Live Performances (20-30 minutes) and Live Concerts from All Songs Considered, which combines both the audio from their Tiny Desk Concerts (10-20 minutes) with full hour-plus concerts from various venues and festivals.

All of these podcasts can be found through iTunes.
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I'm going to second what tom_g said and go with All Songs Considered. There is a bit of talking, maybe more than you are looking for, but they certainly spend a lot of time playing music. It has great variety and consistently leads me on to new music that i didn't know before but end up liking. I am very rarely disappointed and highly recommend it.
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A little slow on the uptake here, but I'd recommend the Coke Machine Glow podcast. Updates monthly, no talking. Usually indie-type stuff but as electronic/hip hop episodes fairly regularly. I love it.
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