I want to pay you to send me paying customers
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Tiny company with a (physical) product for sale online. We want to pay you if you bring us a customer. We want a great affiliate marketing management system.

So we're trying to expand our online sales from our own website, and want to send commissions to those who generate sales for us.

We have the requisite graphics for affiliates to download, we just need the infrastructure to manage the system.

Researching this project is tricky, as it's fully saturated with people who /want/ to be affiliates, but not so much with guides for people with the stores and products themselves.

We're currently using PayPal for order processing (payment, shipping label generation, etc.). It's been working pretty smoothly. An ideal system would dovetail with PayPal, but it's not a requirement. I found this list of 19 providers, but I don't have an efficient way to narrow that list and make a decision.

My research so far: Linkshare wants us to have $1M/year in sales first, so that's a non-starter. Esellerate seems to have trouble responding to email and my phone calls to them went to voice-mail.

Who can you recommend as a good provider?
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The catalogue and cart system I use for all ecommerce projects bundles products, shopping, checkout including integrated PayPal, and affiliate tracking, comissions and reporting all tied into that complete chain of events.

The back-end is awesome. The front end isn't great coming out of the box, but it is very easy to template using their include files. If replacing your existing ecommerce system to accommodate affiliate sales is an option, the fact it's all bundled together and seamless is really nice.
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Take a look at iDevAffiliate. One-time purchase, install it on your webserver, good to go. It works well for us.
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