What sound driver do I need and why didn't Apple include it?
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How can I get the sound to work on my MacBook Pro (2010 6,2 model) when I use Windows 7 (64 bit) via BootCamp?

It's a driver issue. I've installed the drivers from the install CD, updated BootCamp itself to the latest version, but Windows seems intent on installing drivers for "Intel HD Audio". The drivers appear to function as when I'm playing an mp3, I see the levels rise and fall etc, but not a peep comes out of the speakers.

I've been googling and downloading and installing any damn driver for any MacBook Pro I can, hoping one of them will bloody stick but no... nothing.

Does anyone even have a definitive answer as to exactly what soundcard Apple saw fit to use? If I at least knew that I could find the drivers from another laptop manufacturer who uses the same...

Hope me. :-(
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Response by poster: SOLVED:

1. Obtain the drivers for the Cirrus Logic CS4206A (AB77) - I was mistaken and they are on the bootcamp drivers CD. The file you need is the CirrusAudioVista64.exe

2. Copy said file to your hard drive.

3. Right click and select Troubleshoot Compatibility.

4. It will make suggestions. Ignore them. Select "Troubleshoot Program" and not "Try Recommended Settings".

5. Select Options 1 and 3 (Earlier version and additional permissions)

6. Select Windows Vista

7. Go to Device Manager and force manual changes of the Intel HD Audio device to use the Cirrus Logic Drivers. When windows mentions a change to hardware settings requiring a reboot, do so.

8. Enjoy sound.
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