Please recommend modern Spanish classical choral music
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I'm looking for 20th and 21st-century Spanish classical choral music -- the Spanish equivalent of Whitacre, Britten, Lauridsen, Howells or Barber, for example.

I'm the music director of a chamber choir in Australia, and for one of our concerts this year I am programming all Spanish music, including the Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th century) and the Victoria Requiem (17th century), and, to fill out the program, I would love to include some contemporary Spanish choral music from the 20th and/or 21st centuries.

What composers should I be listening to? Do you have any favourite works? We are a high-standard choir of about 36 voices, so works that divide into more than four parts are absolutely fine. I would prefer to include only unaccompanied music, but music with a piano or organ accompaniment would also be OK.
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Joaquin Nin has some wonderful choral pieces.

This recording of Antonio José's choral music is really fantastic. I don't know how easily available the actual sheet music is, though.
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Best answer: I have a recommendation for "Five Gothic Miniatures" by Miguel Roig-Francoli, but I haven't heard the piece myself; there's a sample here.

There isn't a Spanish Music Information Center, as there are for so many other European countries, so finding repertoire might be a bit of a challenge. The chorus of the University of Salamanca has a Facebook page with some of their concert programs scanned; they also have several videos up on YouTube, so that might be another resource.

Poking around on that Facebook page reminded me of de Falla and the Halffters as composers to check out.
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It's unclear to me for what you're looking - do you want pieces by composers from Spain? Or are you looking for Spanish language pieces (which would include Central and South America)?
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