Help me find a TV documetnary on a self-building housing co-operative in the UK
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I'm after a documentary I once saw about a self-building housing co-operative in the UK—or more information about the programmes.

Three or four years ago I saw a TV documentary on a project in the UK under which a group of disadvantaged families were invited to build their own houses in a new plot.

If I recall correctly, the Council provided land, a credit union provided some of the capital, a charity arranged for plans and expert assistance and the people owned their houses in a co-operative once they finished.

Has anyone else seen the programme, or have any information about these kinds of self-building co-operative schemes?
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Best answer: What comes to my mind from that timeframe locally is a couple of episodes of Grand Designs - this one or this one. I think the latter was also featured in a "revisited" episode.
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Response by poster: Perfect! It was the Birmingham episode I saw. I'd forgotten entirely that it was Grand Designs.
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This is definitely not what you asked about, but it's related, so in case it's of interest:

Architect Christopher Alexander worked with residents of Mexico to build a community of houses in Mexicali. (There's also an update from 20 years later.)
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Ha ha, I read the question and thought, "I wonder if that's Grand Designs?".
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