I'd like to give someone a gift certificate to a custom tailor. Please recommend a good one in New York.
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I'd like to give someone a gift certificate to a custom tailor. Please recommend a good one in New York.

It's sort of a last-moment Christmas gift, but I'd like to give one of my friends a gift certificate to a custom tailor. I'm reluctant to just Google the shops in New York and pick one, and I am hopeful that someone here might have a more personal recommendation.

Ideally, I'd love to find an experienced tailor who provides good service and who provides many options in terms of fabrics, styles, etc. (I'd prefer to find someone located on the west side, but that's not a hard requirement.) It would be very helpful if the tailor was able to mail me an actual gift certificate that I could give to my friend, since otherwise, I am not sure how I would present the gift. The fact that it's a couple of days before Christmas is not too troubling, as I am not going to see my friend for about another two weeks, which should be enough time to receive a certificate by mail.

I'm also not sure what a good amount for the certificate might be. I was thinking something around $300, but I don't have a good sense of how far that might go. I am flexible on the amount, so if you could give me some ideas in that regard, I'd appreciate it. Finally, if I cannot find a tailor who has a pre-made gift certificate that I can just give to my friend, any suggestions on how I should give this gift to him?

Thanks for the help!
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Alton Lane
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Alton Lane or Clifton Charles.

I've used both. Have no idea if they have gift certificates.
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CI assume you're asking about a custom shirtmaker? $300 won't buy much custom suit anywhere, but it will buy 2 or 3 amazing custom shirts fromCEGO, made in the US instead of Hong Kong like most other reasonably priced shops.
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Hi again!

Actually, you can get a custom suit from Alton Lane at $495 upwards. They also sell gift cards.

Happy holidays! :)
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