Need a Huge Image
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Would you recommend a large high quality photo with which to put a large format printer through it's paces? Anything at all, as long as it can bring the megapixels.

This thing can do 2880x1440 dpi and is 44" wide.
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This site with this 40784x100 pixel slice of the image was the first giant image site that I ever stumbled across some time ago.
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Could Google Images help you? You can specify image sizes...
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Web trend map 4?
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You could go to flickr and search for images shot by the DSLR of your choice (say Canon 5D) -- the "original size" versions should be large enough.
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If you don't mind anime, there's the "incredibly absurdres" keyword at Danbooru. (Some pictures NSFW)

The full-size version of this one is 4424*12191. There are others which are even larger.
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Another possibility is to browse through older posts of Astronomy Picture Of The Day, clicking through to the full-sized versions of the images. Some of those are really huge.
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Best answer: I got your (giga)megapixels right here.

I will email you a link to the two source psd files.
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The Apollo Image Gallery has hi-res scans of space stuff. And there are greyscale images if you want to test that.
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You can get some large satellite imagery from the True Marble project, which also gives you the possibility of printing out the chunk of Earth where you live. (I believe you'd need to crop such a chunk yourself.) The 15m resolution dataset isn't free, but a pretty wide variety of resolutions are available without pay.
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