Is there a how to manual for self-hosted Wordpress sites?
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Is there a how to manual for self-hosted Wordpress sites?

I've posted/edited posts as well as customized widgets on my old site that was hosted on, but I've now migrated with professional help to my own site.

Is there a general resource out there that lays it all out with the FTP, etc. information? I learn fairly quickly and have even done something like this once before, but I need something that I can refer to every 2-3 months when I update the site.

Anyone know any good pdf / manuals out there for someone like me, not techy but already know the basics? All the manuals I find are either really techy or how to write your first post...
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I haven't used it in a few years. I remember it being a bit disorganized and dated in places. But in combination with searching a topic or asking questions in the forum, it always seemed to do the trick.
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Digging Into WordPress is a great resource for WordPress. I don't think it has much on FTP (other than recommending some software), but otherwise it's good.

WordPress for Dummies might be a good resource too, but I've never looked at it in much detail.
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Agreed on the Wordpress codex - it's all I use now when I need to figure something out. But I know what you mean about wanting a little more hand-holding to get started. I really liked Smashing Wordpress - it goes well beyond the basics but is still clearly written and easy to follow.
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I agree the codex is pretty handy when I was an admin for a wp site. In another recent ask thread on wp, the asker seemed to like this youtube video.
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Don't bother self-hosting. Host or and map your domain there. No worries then about updating or patching the software.

Only host Wordpress yourself unless you don't have a choice in the matter, especially if you're a beginner.
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Don't bother self-hosting..... unless you want to learn how to do all this stuff. If you think it's something you think you might like, host it yourself. It never hurts to learn something new.
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check your memail
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