Woman's Professional Laptop Sleeve/ Case
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Need to find a cool laptop sleeve / bag for a professional Mom in Charlotte, NC.

I've been to the usual computer places, but everything looks too "utility"...I bought one from Crate and Barrel a few years ago that she loved, but they don't carry it anymore. I also checked Tumi, Coach, Kate Spade, etc....but way too expensive...my budget is about 50 bucks. Any suggestions?
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There's lots of handmade laptop bags in a variety of awesome, feminine patterns on Etsy for under $50. Just do a search there for laptop bag and then restrict the results for you price range.
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(sorry, just realized you probably want local shops only. doh!)
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Built NYC.
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Paper Skyscraper?
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eBags is having a women's laptop bag sale right now; if you hurried, I'd guess they could get it to you for Christmas.

If you're looking online, I would also check 6pm.com (the outlet arm of Zappos) and maybe the REI Outlet.
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Also check Zappos.com itself. I got a bag that is not specifically designated for carrying laptops, but works great for that purpose. Good quality, goes with everything, only $58.
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The Apple Store tends to have bags with a range of utility and attractiveness and they're usually fairly inexpensive. There's one at SouthPark.
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I've been looking for a laptop bag that is durable but not really "utility", and right now I'm eyeing Manhattan Portage bags — Vintage Messenger for $54 and Urban Tote for $49. I have to go find some in a store to try them on before I buy one though.
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