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Help me find this gorgeous youtube mashup I stumbled upon once a long time ago.

Someone once showed it to me. I think they found it via stumbleupon. I remember thinking it was amazing at the time but then I immediately forgot about it. Now I want to find it again but I can't remember what it was called.

The description: basically it was a page that had a grid of several (at least ten, probably more) youtube videos laid out on it. The video's were chosen so that you could start any of them at any time and all of the ones you started would sound good together. They wouldn't exactly sync up, but they would inevitably come together to form a nice sound collage.

I think I was called "In E flat" or "In F Sharp" or something along those lines. Googling hasn't turned up anything.
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Best answer: in b flat
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Response by poster: That was quick! Thanks!
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Amazing website! Question from a musical illiterate - how does it work?
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Broadly speaking, it works because everyone is playing the same chord, or notes in the set of notes which don't clash with that chord.
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It works because he told everyone to record playing notes only in the Bb major scale. He also had them not play any specific rhythm and to play in long phrases with many breaks.

You'll also notice there is only one bass instrument. A lot of high pitched instruments can play in unison creating thick textures without the sound getting too "muddy." Many bass sounds at once will very muddy even sometimes when they parts are written well.

I liked this. It was fun to change the individual videos volumes to get your own on the fly mix.
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