finding an old youtube video
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trying to find an old youtube video of a dance student dancing amazingly gracefully in her dorm room to michael jackson and old jazz tunes. she had a channel at one point.

there was this serious dance student. A few years ago. She did professional-style, broadway-style dances. at some small college. in her dorm room with just a webcam and a LOT of grace and love of dancing. She had a youtube channel at one point.

The one video i remember in particular, i think it was to billie jean playing in the background, and she had that michael jackson hat and everything, and she was amazing to watch.

anyone remember this? trying to find it on youtube but no luck. Her first name was possible gabriella but i dont know.

her videos and channel were very popular, had hundreds of thousands of hits i think, and tons of comments, the vast majority of which were high praise.
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Response by poster: really? no one saw this? You'd remember it if you saw it!
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Response by poster: just remembered she did bob fosse dances too, really elaborate and long routines (like 20 minutes long).
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Best answer: Were these the pajama dances? She is a dance student and this is (was?) her dorm room. Not sure this is the right music though. They are really awesome and did grab people's attention at the time. (Especially the Code Monkey dance for nerds.)
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Response by poster: holy crap thats it! Thank you thank you Epps!
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Response by poster: I knew someone here would know, lol! ask.mefi is so great at hive-recall :-D
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