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I'm looking for online discussion groups/forums/websites for talking about movies that are more film literate than "Mr & Mrs Smith - Brad and Angelina. OMG!"

I'd love to find one that discusses a film's themes, visual symbols, imagery systems, etc - all that wonky stuff only filmheads seem to love. So far I haven't had much luck - can anyone point me in the right direction? Much appreciated!
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Maybe this or in here. I mean, there's bound to be millions around. I can't personally recommend any. Maybe ask in the rec.arts.cinema forum with specifics.
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Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong spots as well, but when you go to the Rotten Tomatoes Forums or the GreenCine board you get a fair amount of that mixed in with the occasional gem of shared analysis. That seems to be the nature of the beast to some extent when discussing an element of pop culture. I haven't tried any mailing lists devoted to film criticism but that may be an avenue to research (though the same issues will likely be present).

Perhaps an angle that might be worth pursuing is to start up a filmgroup of your own in your area where you can go see a movie and discuss it with others afterwards. The global reach is gone, but you may find a small local group of hardcore filmgeeks exists. You could also start your own board/blog out of it and attract more filmheads.
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Just guessing this by your name, but if you're actually in Dallas, you might try the Dallas Movie Geek mailing list. There's good people on that list. They also meet every Monday night.
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I got a lot of good answers here, not specifically forums, but a lot of good info.
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Leia took my suggestion. I'm also a member of the list and I think they'd fit your needs quite well.
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I've often found the Home Theater Forum to be well worth spending time at.
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I've always liked metaphilm.
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I recommend the forums at Wordplay. It's a website for professional and aspiring screenwriters, so they touch on a lot of the topics that you mention, albeit from a writer's point of view.
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