Good Digicam for small kids?
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In search of a decent digital camera for my daughter (5 yrs old).

I've found a few on Amazon, but nothing that is quite right (and a lot that look horrible based or reviews). This camera is about the closest hit yet, but it's unavailable. Basically it doesn't need to be hi-res, just needs to be a little rugged, have an LCD screen viewfinder, and a USB connector. I will keep digging online, but thought I'd ask MeFi if anyone else has had luck with this one, thanks.
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I'm also looking around for some cheap, digital cameras for my 4-year old. has some nice -1 megapixels for less than $20. I have my eyes on this one, which looks rugged. For that price, I won't kick myself too hard when it breaks.

But, since you'd like an LCD screen viewfinder, you'll have to look around. This all-weather one sounds cool.
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I don't know if this is available yet, but FirstShot seems to be the prefect kiddy cam.
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We have an old 1.3 mp digital camera that I periodically let my 5-year-old use, and I think really any camera will do, so long is it is cheap and not to small for little hands to get a good grip on. Perhaps an older camera from Ebay? I always remind my son to use the wrist strap, and so far so good. It is a lot of fun to look at the pictures together and see his view of the world!
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There was this article on slashdot awhile ago about the Ritz "disposable" digital camera being hacked apart so that you could reuse it. I remembered the article because the point was to make something his child could use.

But, alas, it seems like the actual article is missing now.

I also found this in my quick google search: Cheap Alternatives to Disposable Cameras which links to this very tiny digital camera.
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From time-to-time, Aiptek has great sales during which you can buy cheap cameras for, well, cheap. These aren't top-of-the-line cameras, and I don't know if they yet offer one with an LCD display, but you can pick up a cheap (~$20) camera with lanyard that any kid will love. In fact, I once bought half a dozen for the 4-6 year olds I know (they were on sale for $10/each). Yes, they got broken and lost, but the kids had fun while they had them.
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Enigma 1.2MP Digital Camera
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