Strawberry roots forever
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I did a very stupid thing involving black hair and blonde hair dye. Help?

My hair has been dyed black since July. Natural hair colour is mousey brown. Without thinking or researching properly, purchased a box of super-blonde dye (this one) and used it. My hair is now strawberry blonde at the tips, and through the black like highlights. It's not bad, but my intention was to re-dye the whole thing red. I think it would look interesting with black and red together (My excuse is that I'm in college).

I have not shampooed my hair, only used conditioner. It has not been dyed for 3+ months before today. Is it going to fall out if I dye a second time tonight, after it dries?
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Best answer: Call the Revlon product help line on the box. They deal with these questions for a living.
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Your hair will not fall out, dye or more accurately left it again tonight. If it does, get a pixie, they are cute.

But to the point, if you want it red, you are going to have to strip it, some of the lightest colors at the drug store have bleach powder in them, open it and see! Keep it off your scalp! That is really what can get you. This will help pull the color, black is really hard to get out, I wouldn't try to pull the color multiple times. Wait a couple of days if you can before putting red on top. If at any point your hair feels really odd, like a spounge, rinse it carefully, load on the conditioner and don't comb it till its absolutely dry.
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Ask Revlon. roomthreeseventeen has it right.

Additionally, or just anecdatally, friend of mine dyed her hair blue and then wanted to redye it. It was *longer* than you are saying it's been between bleaching/stripping/dying, and her hair got fried looking due to overprocessing.

If Revlon doesn't tell you anything useful or you're still tentative, go to a professional. I'm not sure where you are, but if there is a Toni & Guy near you, the colorists at my local T&G are both talented and non-judgmental and will help you correct your color and also get the look you want. It won't be cheap, but you won't have a disaster on your head, either.
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Grahhh! I really want to scream SEE A PROFESSIONAL, but I'm assuming you are a lot like me when I was young. Bored, broke, crazy?

If you have access to a beauty supply store (we have Sally's Beauty Supply 'round here) that will sell to non-professionals, go to the store and ask for their help. They know things! If not, call the number on the box and ask them for help. Your hair will not fall out, thankfully, but it might not look shiny-pretty for a while. After years of KILLING my hair with hair dye, the best thing I ever did was go to the salon. Of course, I couldn't afford it until I was older. Another thing you might have, if you live in a major city, is a cosmetology school with a salon. We have a Jean Madeline institute, and the students work in an attached salon where the prices are normally about 50-75% cheaper than normal salons. They are still learning, of course, but they know a helluva lot more than you do, and what they don't know, they ask for help with.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys. :) Maybe it was a poor choice of words to say that it was a stupid thing to do, because it doesn't look THAT bad. At least, I'd be willing to go out in public with it for a week before dying it black again if need be. But, I'm off to call Revlon, just to see!
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I dye my hair more than once in a day ALL the time. Sometimes, in fact, when I want to go from black to blonde, I BLEACH it more than once in a day. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend the latter, I've yet to have any hair-falling-out experiences. I suspect you'll definitely end up with some damage/breakage, but it's not going to be anything that can't be mostly repaired by lots of conditioning and hair masques.
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I used to change my hair color every month or so, once even doing the colors of the rainbow in order. Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol was everyone's color stripper of choice, and with dark hair it often needed multiple applications... Trust me that we never waited between applications, often stripping 2-3 times and then adding the color all in the same night. No one's hair fell out as a result, although things like liberty spikes and other creative hair topiary get a lot easier because it gets so crusty after a few months of that (cutting an inch or two off of it makes it go back to normal).
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I'd give it a few days before trying it, but what you need is haircolor remover.

I used to go from dyed blue-black to blonde enough for Manic Panic with that stuff. (And ultra-blue on the undyed growth).
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I've bleached my hair once and dyed it twice in one day with no hair falling out (I did get gross peeling skin on my scalp, but nothing earth-shattering). You'll be fine.
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