Why does my website look different on Apple products?
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Just bought an iPad and realized that Apple products do strange things to the photos on my website, but everything looks fine on a PC.

Here is the main photo gallery in question. I built this website on my PC (with a very nice calibrated monitor) and everything looks fine, however I just got an iPad and it looks like the colors are reversed in every photo in this gallery. The same goes for my iphone. The other galleries look relatively normal and I can't figure out why this would happen- I'm pretty sure I made everything the exact same way.

Also, all my photos look much darker on the iPad. I'd like to be able to show my portfolio on it so this is really problematic. I know there will be differences between every monitor but is there a way to adjust my screen without altering and re-uploading the photos?
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I get the negative-image effect on Chrome and Safari, but not Firefox - smells to me like you have a problem with how Webkit renders your images. Why that is I have no idea - "webkit negative image" doesn't yield anything obviously helpful in Google - but it's at least helpful to know it's not Apple products per se that have the problem.
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Best answer: You posted CMYK images -- convert them to RGB and they should be fine.
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I can't help you except to say that this is totally bizarre, and it's doing the same thing on my 21" iMac, both in Chrome and Safari.
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Best answer: 2nding spilon: the weird-looking images are in CMYK.

When saving images for the web, always use RGB, and make sure the images are converted to the sRGB color space. That's the best you can do to make sure your images look as uniform as they can across different monitors and operating systems.
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spilon has it. The large images seem to be fine but the thumbnails are CMYK. When saved locally to my Mac they are inverted; in Firefox they look OK but Safari interprets the CMYK settings and thus inverts them from the intended color space.
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If you're saying to yourself "CMYK what?":

CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK) are the basic colors which make up different pigments, just as RGB are the basic colors for light. If you have access to Photoshop, you can change from one to the other by going to Image>Mode>RGB.
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Best answer: If you're using photoshop there's a “save for web” command that will take care of all the nitty gritty details for you.
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Also, make sure to use/embed the sRGB colorspace. Otherwise, some older browsers and photosharing websites (especially Flickr) will choke, and your images will look a bit off.
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Safari for Mac supports different embedded color spaces (e.g AdobeRGB), so be careful which one you tick.
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Is there a way to make an iPad see these images correctly?
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Is there a way to make an iPad see these images correctly?

As mentioned above, the ipad is misinterpreting a CMYK color scheme. That means the images were saved for print, not for the web. Webkit uses the sRGB color space, so the images need to be re-saved with sRGB embedded.
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