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What pop / fashion / gossip magazines in the UK are suitable for 14 year old girls?

I'm aware that some magazines pretend to be for people older than the target audience, so I'm a bit wary of going for stuff that looks like it should be read by 14 year olds. (Bliss) And I've no idea which of the women's magazines (cosmo, Marie Claire) may be a bit too old (& too rude). Any recommendations.
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To be honest, I think it is very unlikely that any magazine will be too old or too rude for a 14 year old. My own personal preference is for Heat and I think the content would probably fit well for a girl that age: X Factor, Glee, high street fashion, Taylor Lautner, etc.
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When my sister was 13-15, she used to read Sugar. For a teen magazine, I remember it being pretty good.

I'd also recommend Teen Vogue, which was my favourite in my teenage years.
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Best answer: Oh, I should add Teen Vogue is a US magazine, but you can easily find it in any WH Smiths. I used to love it because it was US-based, but if the 14-year old wants gossip about the X-Factor and JLS or whatever, she probably won't find it in Teen Vogue.

My 14 year old cousin has just informed me her favourite magazine is Shout, so that's another possible option for you.

Most of the magazines have websites that list the highlights of their current/upcoming issue which is a quick way to gauge appropriateness. Here's the relevant page for the three magazines I mentioned: Teen Vogue, Sugar, and Shout.
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Response by poster: Thanks. Went for Teen Vogue, Shout, Bliss Sugar and Mizz.
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