Alternative to Basecamp?
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I'm looking for a simple alternative to Basecamp with a couple extra features.

The main features I'm looking for are:
  • Task priorities
  • Email notification on task completion
  • Support 2-3 team members
  • iPhone app
The first two are the ones that are missing from Basecamp. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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My company switched from Basecamp to Wrike about a year and a half ago. I don't believe it has an iPhone app, but it integrates with email so it might meet your needs. (You can reply to a notification to add notes to a task, mark it complete, etc..)

Of the solutions in the Basecamp price range that we explored at the time, it was the most intuitive and the best fit for managing projects with lots of steps assigned to a couple of people. You can set task priorities/dependencies/email alerts, view projects in list or timeline format, and add notes/attachments at the project or task level. While I'm not happy with their new dashboard setup, they still provide access to the old version.

I'll be interested to see what other people suggest, as it's been a while since we looked into new options.
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Best answer: Teamwork PM ticks all of those boxes.
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