Which version of Flash is most commonly used in schools?
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Are you a schoolteacher? Or an IT person working for a school? Which version of Flash do you use? (I'm especially looking for answers from the UK, but anything is helpful.)
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Best answer: I'm neither of those things, but I have done Flash work for a supplier to E2BN, the Learning Grid for the East of England, a regional content provider for schools. They put out a fair amount of material in Flash.

Basically, using anything but the absolute bleeding-edge version should be fine for the vast majority of schools. For security, if for no other reason, the IT staff in schools tend to keep their machines reasonably up-to-date with fixes and updates - kids are basically big malware magnets, so it pays to stay ahead of the game.

Don't bank on Flash Player 10.1, but 10.0, which has been out for two years, is a safe bet.
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I am an IT tech at a library and we install what ever is the latest version of flash and keep it updated. Flash is sooooo buggy and soo many security holes you have to keep it updated.
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Latest and greatest, but be mindful for new graphics card drivers too. Mine actually had a flash version fix in it that enabled Flash to take advantage of the graphic card's GPU rather than the computer's CPU. Very handy with all the flash slowness lately. BTW, I downgraded to v9 to try to fix that slowness with no luck. Adopting new DNS servers did seem to help a bit too.
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I've worked as an IT tech at two schools, and we always kept Flash up to date with the latest (non-beta) version. We'd lag behind by up to a year, as most updates were done over the summer, and not all faculty members would do the updates themselves when prompted.

(I'm in the US by the way)
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