Another help-me-find-a-therapist in NY question
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I’m looking for a good therapist in New York, preferably CBT style, who is educated, intelligent, and able to help a smart, thinking person deal with issues related to a career transition.

I’m dealing with some issues related to my work that are leading to depression or anxiety, that I haven’t been able to work out on my own yet despite my best efforts so far. I have been helped by CBT style therapists in the past. Since moving to New York, I’ve tried to find a good one, but the couple I've seen so far haven't seemed that competent and didn't focus on solutions. We'd just talk a lot about the past, and I felt like I wasn’t really being helped by seeing them.

It'd be good to find someone familiar with issues related to career and work, so career counselors or career coaches who work with professionals could also be a possibility.

(Posting anonymously since co-workers read this site. Throwaway email for followups: throwaway5757 at gmail)
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Kevin Kulic PhD.

On the UES.
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