Toms + socks = awesome?
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Do you wear your Toms with socks? If so, what would you suggest?

I have three pairs of Toms and have had some trouble finding socks to wear with them. My sock preference tends to lean towards patterned or brightly-colored knee-high tights. Is there anything else out there besides Happy Socks and Sock Dreams for knee-high tights?
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Do you mean these? Why would you need special socks for them?
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I think Toms + socks = fug, but it's probably OK if nobody's going to see the socks in question.

Because of the idiosyncratic fit, you probably want fairly thin socks.
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I agree with Sara C. that canvas shoes/espadrilles generally look a little odd when worn with socks. Also, "knee-high tights" isn't a cromulent phrase--do you mean "knee-high nylon socks" or "flat-knit knee-highs"?
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My fav place is Sock Dreams too, but Gap has some awesome socks. Mid calf florals and knee-high argyles. Thin, like tights. Hot Sox has thin socks with patterns too.
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"Trouser socks" is going to be your search term of choice for flat-knit cotton or nylon or bamboo or modal knee-high socks, at least from US vendors. has a lot of funky options that come up when you put in "trouser socks."
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I don't wear socks with my TOMs, partly because of fit and partly because I think they look ugly with them. If I were to wear socks I would go with something discrete and below the ankle.
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eh, I totally dig the awkward-layering tights + Toms combo (extends Toms-wearing season!) but I think it would look odd with thick boot socks. I'd stick to either tights or thin tall socks, short socks would look way way fug.

Spanx sells these amazing reversible tights that are super warm and will survive the apocolypse.
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I like it too. Rock on with your bad-socked self.
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I weak socks with crocs [I know, I know... but I'm a practical man and they are comfortable and durable!], so I don't have any experience with Toms - but I'm pretty happy so long as socks aren't cotton.

In very hot weather or at pool I usually skip socks altogether.

In warm weather I wear black dress socks, poly or nylon. Every once in a while when I need new socks I shop around until I find a good deal on synthetic thin socks and buy a bunch of packs. Makes it easy so that I don't need to mix and match so much when they are out of the wash.

In cold weather, I'll upgrade to some good wool socks [pro tip: merino wool rocks].

In VERY cold weather, I'll wear those thin nylon dress socks as a base sock layer with wool socks on over them. Toasty feet.

Hope my sock system helps, tho I fear you might be looking more for fashionable solutions - mine is no nonsense keep your feet warm. I have little time for fashion.
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