Video Game from "Hackers"
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Please help me find a game similar to the one from "Hackers (1995)"

In "Hackers" the main character steps up to a giant screen and beat Angelina Jolie's high score in some neat looking racing game, where a triangular shaped vehicle skims over a U-Shaped course. I remember once seeing a friend play a game just like it.. but I can't for the life of me remember the name. Can anybody help?
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Hackers used the intro from the original Wipeout for PSX.
You can play it in many different forms, the most recent being Wipeout Pure for the PSP.
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Actually, once upon a time I had a video game design web site, where I interviewed one of the artists on the wipeout team and asked them about this.

The movie used in Hackers isn't exactly the same as the wipeout video, but it's close. It was actually a pre-rendered concept demo that they used to see how certain gameplay aspects would work. The notable thing missing would be bouncing projectiles off of targets to make walls in front of you disappear. That never made it into the game (nor the pre-rendered footage used in the beginning.)
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Yes, I know that the exact version used in Hackers isn't playable, but I knew there was something very similar. Thanks for the help and explanations!
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In the 'futuristic racing' genre, there are several enduring franchises. Wipeout is available for PSX (in several versions), Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, DOS, PS2 and PSP. Besides Wipeout, other fairly-similar games include the F-Zero (Super Nintendo, GameBoy Advance, GameCube) and Extreme-G (PC, N64, PS2, GameCube, XBox) series.

Of all the games I've mentioned, if I were going to pick one, it would be F-Zero GX for GameCube. Very fast and nice-looking, and it offers 4-player split-screen.
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