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I know there are cheese-of-the-month, chocolate-of-the-month, and even bacon-of-the-month clubs...but is there a good plant-of-the-month subscription service out there?

I want to get my girlfriend a subscription a service that sends a fresh, unique houseplant to our house every month or couple of months. I am aware of the Carnivorous Plant of the Month Club, but carnivorous plants are way more my thing than hers.

Bonus points for independently owned (not run by FTD or 1800Flowers) and not terribly expensive...

Thank you!
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Calyx Flowers (formerly, Calyx and Corolla) have several "of the month" gift programs. Pricey, but their stuff has always been very high quality in my experience.
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Proflowers has a qualifying (not cheap) service.


Also there is

What I'd suggest, though, is that you visit a local nursery you like a lot and set this up with them. You may want to make the pickups/deliveries yourself. That probably will mean a cheaper price and you can also choose an independently owned nursery if you want.
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Here's an Etsy shop with an air plant subscription.
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If you have a local florist you like you should just go to them and set it up yourself. Florists are able to set up what we call "standing orders" and if they are like mine they usually have a supplier that brings plants to them to choose from. If you do it local you will save money, have better quality-and if a plant is not to your liking you can most likely return it to swap out.

If this is for Christmas be aware that most florists (like the rest of us) are pretty busy this time of year but if you can agree on the monthly amount they can probably print you out a certificate to give and then you can start 'er up next year. If they use the FTD computer system they can hold your credit card number in it and just charge you once a month for the plant too.

Go forth and talk to your local florist!
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Oh, and as far as I know FTD is only a wire service that local florists use. I am not aware of them having any freestanding stores-if you order from them online they contact local florists who are affiliated with them. So don't worry about using an FTD florist.
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White Flower Farm has a plant-of-the-month program. (Scroll down to "A Houseplant for Every Month")
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