Escape Velocity
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Back in the day, I used to play this game Escape Velocity on my mac by a company called Ambrosia Software. Nowadays I use a Dell PC running Windows XP. Is there any program I can use to play EV?
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You could buy EV Nova for Windows. That's what I did.
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I'm not sure if you can get the original version for Windows XP, but Escape Velocity Nova, the latest installment in the series, has a Windows version as well as a Mac version. (The Windows installer is available at
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Ironically, I've just been playing the 3rd installment in the series for the last couple of days on the Mac. Definitely a good time-waster.
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Cyphill, you traitor! You de-switched! ;-)
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And whatta surprise, somebody made a plug-in so you can play the original Escape Velocity game through the EV Nova engine.
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You can always use a Mac emulator like Basilisk II, and then run EV inside it -- That's what I did. Apple offers OS 7.5.3 for download from its website. Remember to get the update to 7.5.5.

If you have a copy of 8 or 8.1 lying around, you can use that. The hard part is trying to track down a ROM file. The easiest thing to do is just extract it from an old mac you have lying around. You can look around, but Apple obviously doesn't like people sharing them.

Basically you start the emulator, create a large x00mb or so file on your hard drive that will act as the disk, and install the OS from the 19 or so floppy-sized img files you've downloaded. Then, once you're 'running' Mac OS (perhaps after updating to 7.5.5) you can either browse your windows disk to find the copy of EV you've downloaded, or actually load up your trusty copy of Netscape 3 from within the emulator to go and download it yourself.

Running EV under Nova is probably easier, but this way is so much cooler, and you can run other games as well.
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Oh yes, one other advantage is that Basilisk II also works under Linux.
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I'm sorry maledictory, did you say other mac games? I didn't know such things existed!

(just kidding)
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Check out Darwinia while you're at it - published for mac by teh same company, PC version by the authors - Introspection Software IIRC.
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