Flooring moisture meter in Seattle.
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We have purchased some new flooring and would like to rent/borrow a surface moisture meter before we install it. We've checked several tool rental places (home depot, aurora rents, etc.). We've been able to find the "pin" type meters, but really need one of the "surface" variety. I know it's a long-shot here, but does anybody have a source that I might try? thanks.
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Response by poster: I should've specified that it's hard-wood flooring. Perhaps that's obvious... but just in case.
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The general rule is to let the flooring sit in piles in the intended space for a few days to adjust to the temperature and humidity, then it is fine to install it.
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It might help if you clarify what you would like to measure the moisture level of.
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Local flooring contractors? Depending on how small/hungry they are, they might rent you one or come out and take the measurement for a reasonable fee.
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Assuming you want to check the MC of the flooring, just get a pin-type meter and use it on the bottom or edges of the material.
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The moisture numbers don't really matter as long as it is acclimated to the interior conditions. I think a few days is the minimum, a week is more than enough for that to happen.
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